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Today I got a package from a confused delivery man who didn’t know what he was dropping off, and I didn’t know what I was getting.  What a relief to open the box and find another one inside marked ‘cemetery!’  Just kidding, I pooped my pants.  But I opened the box and found the inside to be full of earthy material, and on top, a tiny shovel.  So I began to dig.

There I discovered a little coffin, which didn’t have someone’s foot inside it like in my nightmares, but the figure of Amelia, a zombie from Laika’s new film, ParaNorman.  Amelia also had a bag of books. She’s quite jaunty, if you pose her right.

I can’t help but marvel at the craftsmanship of the whole thing, from the crate to the mouldy earth to the little props and the fine work on Amelia herself.  I’ve never held a stop-motion figure before, they’re wonderful.  If you love stop motion as much as I do, take a look at for a look at ParaNorman from the company that made it, Laika, the people behind Coraline

ParaNorman hits theaters August 17, and I am way jazzed to see it.

While we are linking, you know a film is only as good as the people making it, and some good friends of mine are super talented Laika people! 

Graham Annable’s videos and drawings are here, they are wonderfully eerie.

Vera Brosgol’s work has been making me jealous since I even started this comic business. Someone gave her an Eisner recently that was probably pre-destined.