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You’re all watching this show because Issa Rae is the best and funniest right? Yes. Yeesssss

It’s so great when you find shows online!  There are several episodes on youtube of this BBC series, History Cold Case.  I’ve been watching them, they are addictive!  A wide range of subjects, same sort of set up every time but really great!  History detectives.  Many sad histories involved, but poignant stories.  

Hey! you want to watch some videos about feminism with interesting topics and discussion? Sure ya do

Hey! you want to watch some videos about feminism with interesting topics and discussion? Sure ya do

Video Saturday!  This is the start of an episode from the BBC’s Ray Mears’ Northern Wilderness, focusing on the under-acclaimed explorer John Rae.  How often do you see shows about Canada from outside of Canada?  Not too often!  I think the whole series is online.  

I’ve seen Billy Conolly’s Journey to the Edge of the World from the BBC as well, but it’s not on youtube.

and you know, since I posted about the North this morning, why not see some great music from there also?  Nunavik’s own Elisapie Isaac, multi-talented lady who sings in English, Inuktitut and French.  She makes films too!  Sheesh!

possibly the funnest video of all time?  ohhhhh Radio Radio, Acadian gift to the world.

oh boy!  A new video from Radio Radio, they are the best and all their videos are super fun.

finally, The Hobbit is out!

If you liked that Bad Romance parody, maybe you will like this 2004 HBO film about it’s star subject, Alice Paul.  It is available in parts on youtube.

Harriet Tubman: The Sexiest Abolitionist 

I don’t know how many Bad Romance videos are out there, but this is the first Suffragette one I’ve seen.  While we’re on it, look at this penny defaced by Suffragettes from the British Museum.  Pretty clever no?

Weekend videos! I love Horrible Histories, the songs are so catchy but the skits are charming too!

Every story at Story Corps is worth watching.  

gorgeous.  From Sacrebleu Productions.

Check out this old Bluenose Ghosts film- Nova Scotianers may recognize that title, I read the Helen Creighton book many times over when I was little, and I like the charming old production look here.  Not much flash but a little eerie all the same.