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As if I could not be any more excited for Brave, the gaelic song at the end of the latest trailer has put it over the edge.  ”Tha Mo Ghaol Air Aird A’ Chuain”, sung by Julie Fowlis.  

When I was on my book tour I had the pleasure of being on a Portland radio show with the talented folk musician and super nice fellow Tyler Stenson.  He performed this song, and another, Wyoming

and you know, since I posted about the North this morning, why not see some great music from there also?  Nunavik’s own Elisapie Isaac, multi-talented lady who sings in English, Inuktitut and French.  She makes films too!  Sheesh!

possibly the funnest video of all time?  ohhhhh Radio Radio, Acadian gift to the world.

oh boy!  A new video from Radio Radio, they are the best and all their videos are super fun.