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It’s down to the holiday wire!  Have you gotten things for everyone yet?  Have you gotten something for YOURSELF?  Have you considered… these things?

Head to Topatoco for these and more!  So much more.

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In yesterday’s post, I ended the description by saying that your mother ‘loves you,’ a comment that was meant to make people feel good and welcome about identifying with the comic, if they did.  But, we all know that not everyone’s home life has been ideal, and some people took me to task on saying so.  I do not, of course, think that everyone has a healthy or even tolerable relationship with their mothers, and I’m not in the habit of dictating anyone’s feelings to them either.  No offense was meant if it appeared so, and I am sorry if it did.

Mother’s Day to me has been a sincere and cherished memory, but I understand it can be trite and unfair in others’ lives. I guess the best we can do in this old world is to try and be mindful of the feelings and experiences of those around us.  This job of mine is very public, and I’ve learned that lesson many times over as I’ve advanced in it, to my greater (I hope) growth as a creator and friend.

The link here is to Light’s House, an informative site for the children of difficult or toxic parents.  If you do not recognize your own in there, well then, we should all be so fortunate.