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Heyyy maybe you’ve seen that first picture being posted all over facebook?  I know I have!  I also know that the jokes were originally by Ben Kling, as you can see by following this link!  There are also more where they came from!  Cute stuff. 

Now jokes like “Be Mein” could be pretty coincidental but on the whole I don’t think so!  I just wanted to direct you to the original artist, because hey, fight that good proper attribution fight.  Facebook is a no mans land of nothing attributed to anyone ever.

Ben is my IRL friend and I hate the internet and I’m gonna smack all you fuckin’ joke-stealing jerks up OK? Also, you tasteless weirdo who re-purposed his jokes, I feel really sorry that you have 0 design sense and couldn’t see that his drawings were wayyyyyy cuter valentines than your crappy photoshops. AARRGHH

If you like Ben’s original cool cute valentines, you can purchase them here!! <—- yeah!!!

I’m one who made this egregious error, even after I totes remember seeing these wonderful illustration/valentines on the Tumblr. The best way to make up for it is to first publicly confront my wrongdoing, and then buy the fuck out of Ben Kling’s valentines (my valentine will have to guess which one I got ‘im).

You’re the person who made the knockoffs? First of all, thank you for responding in such a classy way (unlike I did). It takes guts to own up to doing something. I always picture the people who do these things as people who DO consider the consequences of hurting the content-creator, and they just don’t care. But I think a lot of times it’s just someone who didn’t realize, maybe didn’t think it all the way through, or maybe didn’t see someone’s creative effort as something that should belong solely to it’s maker.

True apologies are like icecream sundaes made of magic that tastes like sunsets. They are rare, and should be well received and appreciated!

(I’m sorry I called you a tasteless weirdo.)

awesome lessons, everybody!!

Well there you go!  This was very nice!  Civility all around.

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