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On winning at Harvey Awards last night in absentia:

Winning an award gives you a mixed feeling.  Pride, happiness,  the feeling that you did not really deserve it, hope that no one ever finds out you’re not as good as they think you are… you know, mixed.  Last night the 25th annual Harvey Awards were held and they saw fit to give me three: Best Online Comics, the Special Award for Humor in Comics, and perhaps most surprisingly of all, Best Cartoonist.  I was not there to accept them, but I think it would be fitting for me to let those who voted know that I truly am surprised and honored, since they had to see an empty podium more than once.  Well- symbolically empty.   Many thanks to Brad Guigar for being there on my behalf.

Every comics award is done in different ways, nominated and judged by different groups of people.  The Harveys have the distinction, to my knowledge, of being the only award where nominations are made and judged solely by professionals within the comics industry itself.  It is the ultimate recognition by your peers, those who know your craft better than anyone.  I feel like I have not mentioned much about being nominated this year or the last because I am wary of the appearance of campaigning, and I think Canadians are born with a natural urge to bury achievements under the rug.  But, it doesn’t mean I am not grateful.  To have won these awards is touching, and reaffirming, and I was not expecting so much faith in my work, but I thank you for your votes and your confidence.  God knows, I am not the greatest cartoonist drawing breath at the moment, but I will try to always improve, and produce the best work I am capable of.  I hope that I live up to your present opinion in further endeavors.  

I hope also that those reading this who are interested in cartooning see that if the potential was there for me, it is there for them.  Five years ago, I could have been more obscure.  A living in comics is not easy, but if you’re dedicated to giving it a shot you probably know that already.  I hope that if cartooning is what you’re interested in, you do what you love and good things come your way, because they can.


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