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Be Excellent To Each Other

And so with those immortal Bill and Ted words:

Today I was sad to see comics posted without credit somewhere for the millionth time, and aired my frustration on twitter.  It gets me down sometimes, even though we all know what the internet is like!  Credit the artists whose comics you post! They will love you all the days of your life, for a simple gesture.  

But anyway, like all things, it goes both ways: there is bad out there, and there is good out there.  The internet is a big old place with many awesome things and people, so let’s take some time to celebrate something we all love! Comics!

I asked those who followed me to send me their comic, so we can spread the love, and people can get some new eyeballs on their creations.  There were a lot of responses!  I copied them here for you, and encourage you to take a look.  The list is long, but perhaps you will find a new favorite, who knows!  Bookmark it and come back when you are ready for more.  If you have a comic yourself, maybe you would like to add it in the notes and comments!

And let us all be as excellent to each other as we can.  

PS I hope all the links work.


 Well… *shuffles feet awkwardly* this is mine anyways…

We have done for a year and a bit now, Bear and Robot guy knows who we are (but no-one else)

I make a fantasy adventure comic. 

 I heart so hard.

i just started!!

Doris has a comic. It hasn’t updated in almost a year). I always enjoyed reading it (husband bias).

I art for the comic Walking on Broken Glass! Yay for the goodness of comics! :D

It is a very nice thing you are doing. (aw shucks)

celebrating goodness, yeah!

I only do a weekly comic strip for my uni’s paper atm, but have aspirations of doing a graphic novel someday:

I do a very personal journal comic here: 

I have one at .

It’s not exactly a new comic, but my readership is still pretty small. It’s done but it’s good!

This comic isn’t mine, I just like it:

Well, if you insist.

I sometimes do silly things on my site, like Dr. Werewolf:

Mine’s at Also has music.

Oh hey! I have a webcomic: It’s pretty lonely though :( :)

 I’m probably too late, but this one’s mine: - Hipsters Vs. Dinosaurs - a lil old, but about monsters as 2nd class citizens, struggling to get by.

Mine’s about a year and a half old about an evil overlord who sucks at being evil

Brother Comics!

I’m way late, but I draw this one:

 hey! I do Wighthouse, about a guy in a haunted lighthouse. thanks for caring ‘bout comics!

Better late than never. :)

Ok then here’s one! Thanks for doing this, it is both fun and exciting!

2 more for you: (ours) & (phillip andrews)! Funtime YA fantasy adventures! Also pirates!

Too late for the top ten, but posting anyways! 

in that case, my comic is about me being a new dad! Altho I’m currently recalling things from my childhood

I have a dramedy comic about two opposite best friends!…

i’m tryin to start mine,… #weee

My comic about a 50-year old lady detective and her man-candy booty short wearing rival:

it’s a cartoon, not a comic, but we’re proud of it.…

I don’t update enough.

well if others are still posting… here’s one I started, but never really got together

I just started Rough Start for school and because I love comics and have since I was 4

haha, keep them coming you say? May as well :) 

here’s my comic with Henry VIII and Joan of Arc as crime fighters…

a comicbook to read between airing greivances:

Tumblr for my comics and other drawings:

mine are and :)

A Mad Tea-Party is about aliens, poorly-planned revolutions, and sometimes delicious tea.

It’s early days for me right now, but I Make A Thing, and I’m not going away:


If you haven’t gotten sick of it yet, I run a humble little comic over here:

my girlfriend and I have had a comic for a while. follows a villain in a video game world

some lovely NZ webcomics: (by Tim Kidd) & (by @sarahelaing)

Another comic for your list!

Relative Normalcy!

We have a blog that just had a podcast spotlight on webcomics! It’ll be up tomorrow! 

I haven’t updated in a little while, which is shameful, but I’ve got this one going: my dumb command-based comic that no one likes!!

I don’t any more, but I did the writing on one years ago and I do miss doing that.

I may as well set aside any hint of guilt or pride or both.

Oh! I draw a comic, it’s called Biscuit Fox. Your Canadian followers might like it because its about hockey!

 The Norm is at

I’m drawing a comic about Georges Melies! This is shameless spam but I really do love your work so anyway…! It’s about a lazy vampire chick and her bat friend. They have adventures in a desert! Please check it out!

I run a tumblr solely dedicated to advertising webcomics - with credit always!

My attempt at a comic !

"shameless whore for attention" counts?

 Does animation count? If it’s BAD animation?…

 I put my webcomics at

C’est gentil, mais elle c’est une MEGA STAR de la BD indépendante aux US

 I draw Sproots, an autobio webcomic!

I suppose we’re a little late, huh?… My humble offering of ridiculously cute aardvarks and alligators

today’s my birthday / I’d love to get some traffic / mention my site please!

 I’m too late, but I’ll post anyway for people checking @ replies. (Wrong time to take a coffee break. :/)

Not so much a web comic as a comic blog, but… Slice-of-life comic about a 30-something married couple and their shenanigans. 240+ strips and still goin’!

An urban fantasy comic! I just try to tell entertaining stories.

One Panel Improv is a comics art project drawn one panel at a time! Craziness ensues! and I have two!

 I have one about the silly life of three science nerds (I swear I made this before big bang theory came out)

Umm… my journal comic? Yeah. Look at that and learn things about me. For starters, I have this comic!

this is my baby:

hey I have one :) . it’s not new, and in haitus, but there are 1500 strips there! !

awesome idea! !!!!

It’s Autocorrect on my phone screwed up the link…

mine =D” This is comedic gold! Hats off for Space Shark!

Oh! Me! Me! In the back! (It’s about hockey and Canada and everything!)

My comic/art blog is

 I just started last week, but mine is Updates every Monday!

 My new webcomic about a family of monsters: Thank you!

 I’m going a year on mine at

 I do a Victorian era adventure at ! Now fulltime in comics so I could do with the boost! You won’t regret it. :)

I made the website fit my friend’s, but he posts more on

Well, I’ve a photo-based rubber duck webcomic at that might amuse some folks.

I’m trying to promote a book instead, by @R_samuel11… It has pirates!

 That’s cool of you :)

I’m a bit late…but I want to show you mine anyway!! - I’m such a big fan of your comic, and as such-

just started mine! RIVALS - the greatest band in the universe?

Look I know I am over four minutes late, but why not, I do a daily video webcalendar on!

 Did I miss it?

working on a project at It is a semi-comic/semi-serious modern fantasy.

Check out please. Just starting out!

This is my friend’s comic:!/WhatKindOfC… 

Ooh pick me!

Just restarted Love is in the Blood - - with new artist and new story.

 Lit Brick, a comic of literature! !

My tiny brainchild, :) It’s about friendship and journeys and friendship some cool fantasy stuff! I’m still making the website though, just barely getting off the ground :B

Do you like muppets? You’ll prolly dig Nomad Tofu!: is mine. If you RT it I’ll draw a Kate Beaton style thingy tonight!

I do too! Flying people! War! Love! All that good stuff is my comic with comedy and giant robots!

We’ve been around for awhile, but is our bit of the web.

Aw heck, why not! I do, a YA fantasy epic!

Interesting Papers to be Written! :)

i have a comics blog!

My wife and I are a couple months in now with one!

I have one! I don’t have a proper website for it yet though!

mine =D

I don’t, but a friend of mine recently launched - a fun comic about an adventurer girl!

I do! ! It has a bear and a robot!

we don’t have a comic, but would a puppet-based video series in its infancy count?

here is my web comic Drop Dead Vince:


These poor fellas were napping when I made the post, but what the heck, we’ll throw ‘em in anyway.  Keep spreading that joy around, friends!

Is it too late to list: It’s adventure comics with girls and robots and aliens! <3 

hello i am behind thanks so much for linking it, and thanks also to @LuDux for sending it in the first place!

Here’s the internet home for my comics:

baw i missed out but watercolour fantasy graphic novel thing that i draw

I just started mine about 2 weeks ago, I’m hopefully going to move it to a proper website soon

I’ve been on hiatus for a while but Fantasy fun. :3

 I haven’t checked twitter all day so missed your nice gesture to retweet webcomics :( Has my missed out?

Kate! I’m late to the party. But I hope I can party hard with the best of them. I’ve got 2 comics. The first a murder mystery and the second is about a Zombie Jazz band called Dead Beats

If you ever do another list, you should totally mention my sickass lunch comics please!

I hope my comic can still make it on there…

I have a webcomic :3

Mine’s called Drowning The Condor, working on #3 now (here’s the 6th panel). I post at

oh dang. I missed out on that. If you update it I do

Darn time zones! Slept through your comic list here in Vietnam. Comic about our adventures travelling in Asia

Hi! I’ve recently started my own web comic. Enjoy:

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