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Canadian History Superquiz, 1

1. Which sounds more correct to you, “The Harper Government,” or:

- We The People

- L’etat C’est Moi

- The Government of Canada

- One Ring To Rule Them All

2. Memorize these figures:

- 49th parallel

- 51st state

- 19th birthday

- 18 in Quebec, Manitoba and Alberta

3. Which speech put the most voters to sleep:

- “Let me reiterate at length what I just repeated” - Meighen

- “You’ll vote for conscription or I’ll just keep talking” -Borden

- “The following is a list of people who said something I have chosen to take the wrong way” -Diefenbaker

- “Reflections on my humble upbringing, part 14” - MacKenzie

4. The following is a quote from the Canadian Pledge of Allegiance:

- One Nation on Top of America

- One Nation Underneath Santa

- Several Distinct Societies under God

- Distinct Societies Stuck In One Nation what a Damn Nuisance 

5. Responsible Government was:

- Responsible (good)

- Irresponsible (a trick!)

- Charming (but in a roguish manner)

- A front (for a bootlegging operation)

6. How did General Wolfe get his men to ascend the cliff at the Plains of Abraham?

- Shimmy

- Conga line

- In broad daylight with prosthetic noses and other disguises

- Under cover of darkness in their jimmie jammies

7. Which Prime Minister have you forgotten about:

- Sir Abbotthompsonbowellltupper

- Sir Mix A Lot

- Sir Gawain

- To Sir With Love

8. The following is not made up:

-British Columbia had a premier who changed his name to Amor De Cosmos, “Lover of the Universe”

9. When Trudeau said “Just watch me” he was talking about:

- The October Crisis

- The November Pickle

- a lot of bleeding hearts who can go on and bleed

- Doing a sick wheelie on his dirtbike

10. Who will lead us?:

- A vaguely non-offensive, nondescript older white gentleman 

- The offspring of an unholy union between Justin Trudeau and Ben Mulroney, as was foretold

- That 1972 summit series photograph, in a nice frame

- (Too apathetic, refuse to attempt an answer to this question)

please circle all your answers and submit your papers via unmarked luggage abandoned in airport lounge

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